a rant about credit reports

A few months ago I tried to pull my annual free credit report.  They were unable to verify my identity online based on some questions I answered.  In order to move forward I had to mail sensitive information to the credit bureau to verify my info.  After not hearing anything back from them for six weeks I gave them a call.  I was informed that they did not have the documents I sent in! They asked me to verify my identity by answering questions about my past creditors and told me that because I could not remember my info I would have to mail my documents AGAIN.

I understand the idea behind the process and why they ask all the security questions. But for the average person, remembering details about their credit history and addresses can be difficult. Especially if you’ve moved frequently or traveled for work. I also think that corporate America is to blame. No I don’t remember the original name of the mortgage company that I had in 2007, that changed names or providers three times. The credit card I had? Well it started as company x but then became company Y. Student loan.. same thing.  Corporations outsource “customer service” and sell off debt in a way that makes it infuriating.  There has got to be a better way!