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In today’s small business session I took cold calling off the table. Yes. Death be to the dastardly cold call. In lieu of the ever dreaded cold call I suggested that my client think of marketing her brand as “prospecting”.  The word feels better and with that better feeling produces more confidence.

In “prospecting” you will still call clients to explore potential leads. The difference is that you will have worked hard in strengthening your brand and expanding your network. Through this activity you will find potential clients with less effort. This will require more behind the scenes work.  It will require you, the small business owner, to know everything that sets you apart from your competition; know what solutions you offer and what other solutions are available.  And it will require you to have some knowledge of your prospective lead and what makes them special.

Doing your homework will not only make you feel better prepared but it will go along way in building rapport with your potential new client!

Do you have any suggestions on effective methods of prospecting?